Commercial Window Tinting

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Protects furnishings and merchandise from fading, and reduces glare, all while giving the office or shopfront or factory a finished look.

Window Films Keep You Cool

With plenty of light comes plenty of heat, and that’s not always a welcome addition. That can drive up your electric bill and make the area unpleasant. Fortunately, installing window film can reduce the heat gain in a business or home. That’s something everyone should appreciate, especially in Malaysia hot climate. This means you don’t have to install blackout curtains to beat the heat. You can opt for window films to reduce glare.

Window Films Block UV Rays

Long term exposure to UV rays will contribute to skin cancer which is harmful to human.

That’s why people invest in sunblock and hats to prevent harmful rays. Most windows don’t serve as a significant deterrent to UV rays, so they’ll be streaming through your glass all day long. However, the UV reduction on most window films can prevent cancer-causing rays.

Window Films Makes the Bang of your Buck

Most commercial and factory environment expect savings on their electric bill each month. Over the lifetime of window films, you can expect quite a bit of returned value of reduce electricity bill.

Get protected from the blazing sunlight and effect of cool environment.